SOLAR: derived from, relating to, or caused by the sun.

ABUNDANCE: relative degree of plentiful.

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   Solar_Electric72.png  Solar Electric 

Quite simply stated, the radiation available from the sun which can be used to make electricity. The process converts the sun's energy, with the use of Photo Voltaic (PV) device into electricity. Perhaps the most easily recognizable use of solar power is the PV Solar Panel usually placed on roof tops. This is the process where Photo-Voltaic cells, commonly called solar cells, directly convert sunlight into DC electricity and then with inverter in standard house AC electricity. Basically what occurs is an energy conversion takes place when the PV cells are struck by sunlight and electrical energy flows through the panels and out the attached wires. Many manufactures produce different types and power output for residential and commercial use. 

Remember, the sun is Earth's most plentiful energy source. Where ever the sun shines the potential exists for you to free yourself from the power grid. We extend our invitation to you to join us on your path to a greater energy freedom! is for sale.

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